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JBL Pulse portable Bluetooth speaker: The mobile speaker with a built-in light show

A lot of portable Bluetooth speakers are available in the market which are not very different from one another. It then feels good to come across a product like JBL's Pulse,

Samsung Gear Fit gets updated with new software

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/04/samsung-gear-fit-gets-updated-with-new-software.phpSamsung released a firmware update which gave Gear Fit new and improved features. With the previous software, there were various issues and other minor glitches with respect to display and application synchronisation. The latest software update has added a new display mode, extra controls and sleep tracking.

Now anyone buying the Gear Fit will have the updated firmware pre-installed. So here’s what is new in detail:
  • Portrait mode: You can finally flip the Gear Fit's display to set it out vertically, so now you don't have to twist your wrist. This seems to ease out every other feature in the device.
  • Tracking sleep: Similar to other fitness bands such as the Jawbone Up and Misfit Shine, a new mode will enable the device to track sleep data.
  • More watch faces:... Read More

Self-driving cars making progress according to Google

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/03/self-driving-cars-making-progress-according-to-google.phpThe car that can actually driveitself, is almost here! Google is on the brink of another insane invention.

The so called ‘Robo-cars’ can now handle tacky situations that drivers often face such as giving way to pedestrian and cyclists, navigating through railway crossings, construction zones and traffic jams. So, according to Google these carsnow have a better sense of judgment at handling real-world driving dangers.

The Google car colour codes everything on theroads to distinguish them, for example pink cars, red cyclists and yellow pedestrians. Loads would think such a vehicle will be dangerous, but these cars create a virtual barrierall around each of the above mentioned objects and will not proceed till the obstacle has moved well out of the way, safety taken care of!

These cars will wait for... Read More

Samsung Galaxy S5 – the best Samsung phone so far?

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/03/samsung-galaxy-s5-the-best-samsung-phone-so-far.phpThere hasn’t been much gung-ho about the Galaxy S5 this time around and the question that comes to our mind is that – is the Galaxy S5 the best Samsung smartphone so far?

Here are some of our thoughts on the new release:

It looks good and just like its brothers in the market, it performs exceptionally well.

Going with the trend of huge screens, this version of Samsung’s latest release has a 5.1-inch screen with a bright and beautiful 1080p HD AMOLED display. It has a bolstering quad-core processor bundled with Android 4.4 KitKat OS that has Samsung's newest proprietary TouchWiz interface enhancing the OS with additional abilities. A stunning 16-megapixel camera gives you amazing picture quality. Additional features such as the fingerprint scanner and the heart-rate monitor are something niche and exciting.... Read More

Facebook reaches 100 million users in India

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/03/facebook-reaches-100-million-users-in-india.phpFacebook touched the 100 million users milestone in India. The social networking company declared that this makes it the second country after the United States to achieve such a great user base.

The mobile phone market in India is growing rapidly. The use of Internet has increased due to the better Internet coverage across the country of a massive population of 1.2 billion people.

'As of today, we have more than 100 million active Indian users who access Facebook each month,' said Kevin D'Souza, Facebook India's head of growth and mobile partnerships.

'Facebook’s main focus and challenge now will be to reach one billion users in India,' announced Javier Olivan, who looks after global growth in Facebook. Analysts have said that later this year, India is expected to overtake the United States as... Read More

Do you think a cell phone service for under $20 is good?

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/03/do-you-think-cell-phone-service-for-under-20-is-good.phpNo one on the planet would complain if they had a cheaper cell phone service, but what has been happening is that over the past few years, cell phone operators have been promising cheaper rates than the likes of large players Verizon and AT&T. Well, these plans have their own pros and cons, but yes, they are definitely cheaper than the existing plans.

There are no shortages of such companies willing to offer cheaper options to customer, includingTing, Republic Wireless, FreedomPop, RingPlus, Zact, Boost Mobile to name a few.

There are plans that will baffle you and go as low as $0 in one month promised by FreedomPop but if you like 4G and want an unlimited plan, you could end up paying as much as $60. So, in spite the basic fundamentals being similar, there is huge diversity to choose from with a scope to make... Read More