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JBL Pulse portable Bluetooth speaker: The mobile speaker with a built-in light show

A lot of portable Bluetooth speakers are available in the market which are not very different from one another. It then feels good to come across a product like JBL's Pulse,

Make you Nexus 5 cooler

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/02/make-you-nexus-5-cooler.phpGoogle has added new features and updated its flagship device the Google Nexus 5. Here is what you essentiallyneed to know to make you Nexus 5 cooler.

Google's latest star smartphone is probably the best Android out there and a force to be reckoned with.The Nexus 5 is well equipped and features a huge4.95inch full HD 1080 pixel display, a quick 2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, and an amazing8megapixel camera that has optical image stabilization.

On the software side of thee updates, the device will befunctioning on the latest version of Android version 4.4.2 and will have some special features that are not found in other Android devices. These features will include a new launcher and superior HDR+ camera settings. The Nexus 5's starts at a price of US $350 and is available with carriers including AT&T, Sprint and... Read More

Make your Android phone faster

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/02/make-your-android-phone-faster.phpMost of the people around are either using Android smartphones or iPhones. This article will give you an insight in what you should do to make your android cell phone a little faster. After all everyone wants their phone to be working at the speed of light.

Follow the steps given below to hopefully make a difference in the speed of your phone:

1) Completely stop all running background applications:

One of the reasons that Android is doing really well across the planet is its capability of working various applications at the same time. But it does not make sense to run applications that are not used frequently as it will constantly keep the RAM used and also drain the battery. Always exit the applications using the back button and shut them down properly.

2) Keep updating your applications:

If you... Read More

Microsoft's Xbox One review

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/02/microsofts-xbox-one-review.phpAround four months ago, both the Xbox One and the Sony PS4 had released. Both consoles have undergone software updates, received new apps and new games.

Recent sales reports claim that the PS4 appears to be leading the race over the latest Xbox. But Microsoft is going full throttle with the launch of Titanfall, a new multiplayer-focused sci-fi shooter that is exclusive to the Xbox and Windows platforms but will soon be bundled with the Xbox for free.

Speaking about the good factors, Microsoft's Xbox One is integrated with live TV and can control your cable or satellite cable box, TV and receiver. The games now present better graphics compared to those on Xbox 360. There has been good progress and improvements with the latest software updates resulting in better voice recognition in Kinect, better storage management,... Read More

McGraw-Hill Buys Education Tool Engrade For $50M - Part 2

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/01/mcGraw-hill-buys-education-tool-engrade-for-$50m-part-2.phpIn the previous article we spoke about the deal between McGraw-Hill and Engrade from Engrade’s perspective. Now let’s dig into the McGraw-Hill bit of the story.

What’s Engrade and what does it do?

When Hold took up Engrade full-time in 2010, he turned it into an enterprise education platform, and began selling it to schools. Engrade was quickly bundled with enterprise-grade tools like attendance, discipline and parent-teacher conference/meeting tracking, score messaging, standardized test score analysis, parent email, SMS alerts, report card printing, admin-level reporting and so on.

The key factor here is that Engrade’s team built an API that permitted schools to integrate their current platforms and software into Engrade and looked to aggregate all data in one platform. The idea behind this was to make grade... Read More

McGraw-Hill Buys Education Tool Engrade For $50M - Part 1

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/01/mcGraw-hill-buys-education-tool-engrade-for-$50m-part-1.phpEngrade is the newest in the history of the world of rare education start-ups. Back in 2003, a high school student Bri Holt seemed frustrated with the lack of a swift, easy way to view grades online. He was angered with complaints from fellow students and teachers. As a budding web developer, he decided to build a simple and easy to use online grade ebook for his high school.

Holt’s online tool was hit by early development and adoption crisis and it wasn’t a great adoption success in the school. But as they say with time, the grade book slowly and steadily moved up the ladder to attract frustrated teachers who were looking for an online grading solution.

By 2010, its user base grew to a size that convinced Holt to return to developing the tool full-time. Later, the grade book was named ‘Engrade’ that was officially turned into a... Read More